Trentino Volley not only in the court

Itas Diatec Trentino:
A lot of meeting for Trentino players.
The 14th of March Cristian Savani and Brazilian Andrè Heller met the students fo De Carli School.
The 16th of March, dutch middleblocker Wytze Kooistra, Marcello Mescoli and coach Andrea Burattini met the student of Scuola d’Arte.
Wednesday 29th of March, in occasion of the public evening “Trentinio and Brazil do meet” at Villa S.Ignazio at 8.30PM, the 3 brazilians Itas Diatec Trentino, coach Radamès Lattari, middleblocker Andrè Heller and opposite Andrè Nascimento, will be there.

Trento, 28 March 2006
Trentino Volley S.p.A.

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