Giampaolo Medei new coach of Lube

Alot of journalists and fans on today at Hotel Cosmopolitan in Civitanova Marche, for the press conference of introduction of Lube’s brand new coach Giampaolo Medei, officialized on today. Medei came from 5 season in France, where he won the Cev Cup last april versus Diatec Trentino with VB Tours. Medei is an hometown boy, born in Treia (Macerata county), he started his coaching career with Lube, winning Champions League and italian championship in 2006 as assistant coach.

Giampaolo Medei said: “I’m so happy and excited on today, proud to be here, because I found some old friends and above all proud to be at home. I started coaching here when I was 20, so you can understand how is to me to be head coach of one of the best teams in the world. I’t’s a great satisfaction to me but now the emotion will finish, because we have to think about next season. we have important targets, I found this club after 11 years, they grew up, this team is a top level team”.

Together with Giampaolo Medei as new head coach, Lube introduced brand new assistant coach Marco Camperi, arriving from three season of experience at Lpr Piacenza.