Looking for Del Monte Supercup

Cucine Lube Civitanova will play on the home turf the Del Monte Supercup, after finishing third in last season’s Supercup. The last win for Lube in this event was in Brindisi in 2014 with Alberto Giuli.ani on the bench.
The defending italian champs and Italian Cup kept the most important player of the roster, Christenson, Sokolov, Kovar, Juantorena, Stankvic, Cester, Candellar and Grebennikov, adding croatian setter Zhukouski, spiker Milan from Padova and american spiker Sander, former Verona, together with libero Marchisio from Serie A2. On the bench brand new coach Medei, back in his hometown as head coach to write the history.

Second place finisher in last 2016/2017 Superleague, Italian Cup and Cev Cup Diatec Trentino,kept with the team only three players of last roster, with two captains Simone Giannelli and Filippo Lanza, and libero Chiappa. For coach Angelo Lorenzetti will be the second season on Trento’s bench, with alot of new faces, setter Partenio, opposite Vettori from Modena and estonian Teppan, middle blocker brasilian national team Carbonera, Kozamernik from Lubiana, australian Zingel from Verona, together with serbian Kovacevic, Cavuto, canadiani former Revivre Hoag, andformer Molfetta De Pandis.
It’s time for revenge for Sir Safety Conad Perugia, a team who will need to win in this upcoming season. Last season in Modena Perugia was very near to the win, defeated at tie break by Modena after an huge comeback. With Lorenzo Bernardi on the bench, Perugia will be ready for a long season, with part of the roster renowned. From Trento arrived italian national team libero Colaci, american setter Shaw from Kioene Padova, middle blockers Ricci form Bunge Ravenna, and Anzani from Calzedonia Verona, finn Siirila, libero Cesarini, opposite polish Leo Andric. Confirmed obviously the top players, diagonal De Cecco-Atanasijevic, and allthe spikers from place 4, Zaytsev, Della Lunga, austrian Berger  and american Russell, together with serbian middle blocker Podrascanin.
Azimut Modena won Del Monte Supercup last edition on the home turf last october 2016 with Roberto Piazza on the bench, and now is ready for the battle, facing in the semifinal the defending italian champs and home team Cucine Lube Civitanova. With Radostin Stoytchev on the bench, Modena will have in this upcoming seasonthe chance to build something important. With the extensions of Holt and Ngapeth, with the comeback of Bruninho, and with the important adds of players as Van Garderen, Sabbi, Urnaut, Argenta and Tosi and Mazzone, Modena can be also in this upcoming season, one of the topo powerhouses of Superleague.



The Del Monte Supercup will be broadcasted live by RAI Sport +HD, with Maurizio Colantoni, Andrea Lucchetta and Marco Fantasia.



 Del Monte® Supercup Referees and program
Roberto Boris (PV) (dal 1997 – Internazionale dal 2010)
Stefano Cesare (RM) (dal 1999 – Internazionale dal 2010)
Giorgio Gnani (FE) (dal 1997 – Internazionale dal 2009)
Fabrizio Saltalippi (PG) (dal 1995 – Internazionale dal 2001)
Luca Sobrero (SV) (dal 1996 – Internazionale dal 2004)
Ilaria Vagni (PG) (dal 2003 – Internazionale dal 2013)
Video Check: Michele Brunelli e Claudia Morganti
Refertisti: Monia Branchesi e Deborah Proietti
Del Monte® Supercoppa – Semifinali
Sabato 7 ottobre 2017, ore 16.00
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Azimut Modena  Diretta Lega Volley Channel
Sabato 7 ottobre 2017, ore 19.00
Diatec Trentino – Sir Safety Conad Perugia  Diretta Lega Volley Channel
Del Monte® Supercoppa – Finali
Domenica 8 ottobre 2017, ore 15.00
Finale 3° posto  Diretta Lega Volley Channel
Domenica 8 ottobre 2017, ore 18.00
Finale 1° posto  Diretta RAI Sport + HD
Diretta streaming su raiplay.it
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Azimut Modena
PRECEDENTI: 80 (42 successi Civitanova, 38 successi Modena)
PRECEDENTI IN SUPERCOPPA: nessun precedente in Supercoppa
EX: Alberto Casadei a Modena nel 2010-2011, nel 2012-2013 e dal 2014 al 2016, Giulio Sabbi a Civitanova nel 2014-2015 e nel 2015-2016 (fino all’1/12/15).
Giampaolo Medei (Cucine Lube Civitanova):Supercup is one of our targets in season, we play in front of our fans, will be a great worldwide event. We’ll try to take home the first event of the season, the teams will not be at their best of condition, alot of payers arrived late from the national teams, some the chemistries are not perfect. We’ll give everything we have, let’s see what will happen, we will need to see at what point the other teams are, but we are confident in a win”.
Radostin Stoytchev (Azimut Modena): “We are not at our best, it’s a compòicated moment for us, we practiced for the first time on yesterday with Holt, Franciskovic is out for an injury, some other players are not at 100%. We’ll play versus the defending italian champs, Lube, they are the favourites of this event and of Superleague, together with Perugia. They are better than us right now, they had the chance to practice more than us, so their play is more fluid than ours. We will obviously start with Bruninho and Ngapeth together, they have a special chemistry, they seem to be born to play together. Let’s see what will happen, we can only try to contain and reduce the mistakes”.

Diatec Trentino – Sir Safety Conad Perugia
PRECEDENTI: 20 (14 successi Trento, 6 successi Perugia)
PRECEDENTI IN SUPERCOPPA: nessun precedente in Supercoppa
EX: Massimo Colaci a Trento dal 2010 al 2017, Dore Della Lunga a Trento dal 2005 al 2009 e dal 2010 al 2012.
Angelo Lorenzetti (Diatec Trentino): “Will be a great event, the teams will arrive to this point not in perfect shape. With our staff, in past days we tried to make a game plan, trying to think about the real keys of this game versus Perugia. Irealized that the real key would be the enthusiasm in play together and have fun on the court, together with the patience in waiting the right moment, and accepting our limits. That’s how I think it will be the game versus Perugia”.
Lorenzo Bernardi (Sir Safety Conad Perugia): This is our first official event of our season. This is only the start of the season, all four teams are not still at 100% of shape, our focus is only on saturday’s game versus Trento. We played Trento alot of times in season, now they are pretty renowned, only the most important players Giannelli and Lanza remained, I think we are approaching the game with the right mentality. The guys are working tough and hard, they are making a good job”.

Del Monte® Supercoppa
L’evento di Civitanova in TV e in radio
Diretta Web TV a partire dalle ore 16.00
Sabato 7 ottobre 2017
Cucine Lube Civitanova – Azimut Modena
Diretta Web TV a partire dalle ore 19.00
Sabato 7 ottobre 2017
Diatec Trentino – Sir Safety Conad Perugia
Diretta Web TV a partire dalle ore 15.00
Domenica 8 ottobre 2017
Finale 3° posto
Diretta Diretta RAI Sport +HD dalle ore 18.00
Diretta streaming su www.raisport.rai.it
Domenica 8 ottobre 2017
Finale 1° posto
Commento di Maurizio Colantoni e Andrea Lucchetta
Live Radio “Domenica Sport” – Radio RAI 1 dalle 18.00
Radio RAI tornerà a parlare di volley all’interno di “Domenica Sport”, grazie all’inviata Manuela Collazzo in diretta da Civitanova per la Finalissima.
TV partner of Lega Pallavolo Serie A will enjoy english commentary by Daniele Vecchi of the sunday games.
beIN Sport Medio Oriente e Nord Africa  in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Giordania, Kuwait, Libano, Oman, Palestina, Qatar, Arabia Saudita, Siria, EAU, Yemen, Algeria, Ciad, Egitto, Libia, Gibuti, Mauritania, Marocco, Somalia, Sudan e Tunisia.
SPORTSKLUB  in Serbia, Kosovo, Croazia, Bosnia Erzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro.
SPORTSKLUB Poland  in Polonia.
SPORTMAX Caraibi in  Bermuda, Bahamas, Antigua e Barbuda, Isole Caimán, Jamaica, Granada, Barbados, Isole Vergini Britanniche, Santa Lucía, Trinidad e Tobago, Aruba, San Vincenzo e Grenadine.
SARAN TV in Turchia.
OTE  in Grecia

IMG and PERFORM will broadcast the match Cucine Lube Civitanova– Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia on streaming for betting and digital platforms.

LEGA VOLLEY CHANNEL, together with Sportube.tv, will broadcast live streaming all the matches of Superleague and Serie A2 except games on RAI Sport.


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