Unstoppable Bunge

Bunge Ravenna – Biosì Indexa Sora 3-0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-18) – Bunge Ravenna: Orduna 2, Marechal 5, Diamantini 7, Buchegger 17, Poglajen 9, Georgiev 11, Goi (L). N.E. Vitelli, Raffaelli, Pistolesi, Marchini, Mazzone, Gutierrez. All. Soli. Biosì Indexa Sora: Seganov 1, Nielsen 7, Caneschi 2, Petkovic 14, Rosso 2, Mattei 1, Santucci (L), Mauti 0, Fey 3, Penning 0. N.E. Lucarelli, Marrazzo, Duncan-Thibault. All. Barbiero. ARBITRI: Pasquali, Lot. NOTE – Spettatori 1600. Durata set: 23′, 25′, 22′; tot: 70′. MVP Orduna (Bunge Ravenna).

A tough Bunge Ravenna gave to their enthusiastic fans a great win to enjoy. Second 3-0 in a row for Coach Soli’s team, versus a Biosì Indexa Sora never into the game. It was a triple 25-18 for Bunge, a game totally dominated without any chances for Sora to be dangerous. It was a great game in attack for Buchegger, 17 points for him, Georgiev, 11 points, Poglajen, 9 points, and Diamantini 7 points. Mvp Santiago Orduna was great in playmaking, alternating all his hammers, without give any chance to Sora’s defence. On the other hand, only serbian Dusan Petkovic was positive, putting 14 balls on the ground, followed by Nielsen with 7 points, but the real picture of the game is that Sora in the end was without a single block. Zero blocks for Biosì Indexa. Not a great performance for Biosì Indexa Sora, on the other hand, a great performance for Bunge Ravenna.

MVP: Santiago Orduna (Bunge Ravenna)

Spettatori: 1600

Fabio Soli (Bunge Ravenna): “We were good in make our game easier, a game which could be complicated. We needed to grab the best result possible, the three points. We preparred the game as we did before Trento’s game, we were focused all game long, with rhythm and continuity. Orduna was great in making plays for all the hammers, he deserved the Mvp award”.

Mario Barbiero (Biosì Indexa Sora): “We saw an extraordinary Bunge Ravenna and we were ugly. We cannot play this way. They played a clean, technical and tactical volleyball, all my congratulations to them. We need to have a good start to stay into the game, and we weren’t able to do it, without taking advantage of the few chances Ravenna gave us to stay into the game”.