Del Monte Supercup, curiousities


Approaching Del Monte Supercup in Perugia at Pala Barton next 6th and 7th october, lets’ see some curiousities.

Will be 19 cameras for the video Check System, once again more high defined, looking forward to give the best for the referees. Will be introducted the “green card”. Together with FIPAV, Lega Volley Serie A. The card will be given to the player who will suggest a touch regarding him down the net, avoiding video check, being as sportsman as possible. The award for Green Cards (a money amount for every Green Card)  will be for charity. Coaches will be near to the court, without the coach line around the bench, and will be allowed only one time out per set. Brand new numbers in Perugia, without limitations, in example Lisinac with 20, Kaliberda with 24, Keemink 25, Kovacevic 93. Marco Fantasia and Claudio Galli will comment the games on national TV Rai Sport. On Lega Volley Channel will be available the 3/$ place final on sunday. Association Giacomo Sintini will be present in Perugia, and third referee will take care of VideoCheck, communicating with first referee on the chair. Del Monte Supercup will be as usual super social, with hashtag #delmontesupercoppa, together with Lega Volley Official Facebook page and Instagram page @legavolley.