Big TV numbers for Del Monte Supercup

The two great semifinals and the emotional fina of last friday and saturday at eurosuoleForum in Civitanova for 2019/2020 Del Monte Supercup had some great coverage on national TV Rai.

together as sell out crowd at Eurosuole Forum, the italian people followed the RAI Tv games on TV with passion and numbers.

First Semifinal between Leo Shoes Modena and home team Cucine Lube Civitanova  saw 228.000 spectators (1.41% share), and next game between world champs Itas Trentino and Sir Safety Conad Perugia saw 238.000 spectators (1.24% share).
On Yesterday  the big final finished at tie break between Perugia and Modena saw 267.000 spectators (1.41% share).