Continuity and experience for Allianz Powervolley Milano

The motto of this next upcoming 2019/2020 Credem Banca Superleague season for Allianz Powervolley Milano is “Continuity and Experience”.

Adding some brand new and experienced players to the roster, together with veterans of the Milano’s jersey, brand new head coach Roberto Piazza will handle and manager an import group of players, who can really be one of the top teams on this upcoming Superleague season.

1 Nimir Abdel Aziz (Opposto), 2 Niccolò Hoffer (Libero), 3 Luka Basic (Schiacciatore), 4 Jan Kozamernik (Centrale), 5 Marco Izzo (Palleggiatore), 6 Riccardo Sbertoli (Palleggiatore), 8 Aimone Alletti (Centrale), 9 Nemanja Petric (Schiacciatore), 10 Fabrizio Gironi (Schiacciatore), 11 Matteo Piano (Centrale), 12 Linus Weber (Opposto), 17 Trevor Clevenot (Schiacciatore), 18 Nicola Pesaresi (Libero).