Top Volley Latina numbers

After the three days of Volleyball Transfer Market in Salsomaggiore Terme, Top Volley Latina is working looking forward next upcoming 2019/2020 Credem Banca Superleague season.

About next season, Candido Grande said: “Will be a tough and busy season, the level of our top tournament is increased by far, with some more top players landed in Superleague. We will do our job, trying to give everything on court all season long”.

1 Milan Peslac palleggiatore
2 Arthur Szwarc centrale
3 Domenico Cavaccini libero
4 Maarten Van Garderen schiacciatore
5 Daniele Sottile palleggiatore
7 Luca Rossato schiacciatore
9 Jean Patry opposto
10 Moritz Karlitzek schiacciatore
12 Alberto Elia centrale
13 Andrea Rossi centrale
14 Samuel Onwuelo opposto
15 Andrea Rondoni libero
18 Ezequiel Palacios