World Champs rallied at BLM Group Arena in Trento

World Champions Itas Trentino officially started their brand new season with the rally at BLM Group Arena in Trento, looking forward next upcoming 2019/2020 Credem Banca Superleague busy season.

Surprisingly was present captain Simone Giannelli, waiting for the start of training camp looking out the European Championships with italian national team. Together with the captain were present setter Nicola Daldello, opposite Luca Vettori, middle blockers Davide Candellaro (together with Giannelli will be with italian national team) and Lorenzo Codarin, libero Carlo De Angelis and cuban spiker Luis Sosa Sierra. With this group will be aggregate former italian national team spiker Simone Parodi and Young players who will play Serie A3 tournament, Bonatesta, Acuti, Simoni, Pizzini, Poggio and Zanlucchi.