4.0 Committee, 90 millions euros for sport

Big satisfaction for 4.0 Committee, for the brand new italian government issue, who gave 50% of fiscal tax break to the sponsors in sport, for a plafond of 90 millions euros.

4.0 Committee representatives, Pietro Basciano, president Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro, Mauro Fabris, president Lega Pallavolo Serie A Femminile, Umberto Gandini, president Lega Basket Serie A, Francesco Ghirelli, president Football Lega Pro, Fabio Pagliara, general secretary Fidal Runcard, Massimo Protani, president Lega Basket Femminile, and Massimo Righi, president Lega Pallavolo Serie A, made a big step toward this government move, driving to the decision with important arguments and a real motivation and focus on the problem.

4.0 Committee statement was: “We won, we know this, we had what we asked to the government, but not for charity. We put on the table some important and founded issues, and the government was smart and helpful in understand our sports’ needs”.