Baldovin, the coach who drove Vibo to a great season

Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia head coach Valerio Baldovin drove the club to a great season until this moment. His preparation and his leadership turned Vibo into a great team and a contender for the playoffs. With a club full of youngsters, former Kioene Padova’s head coach approached the turning poit with the team, giving the right way and the right attitude.

Empathy is the key for Baldovin, as a musician, he can feel and communicate feelings, plays, focus and confidence. In sports we are used to label that type of trainer a “players coach”, a coach always ready to listen to the players and to help them to find the right way to express their best on court.

That’s why Valerio Baldovin is making a terrific job with Tonno Callipo.