Magic night at PalaBarton

Waiting for the result of tomorrow’s game at BLM Group Arena in Trento between Trentino Itas and Berlin Recycling Volleys, CEV Champions League quarterfinal Game 2 (the winner will play Perugia in Semifinals), Sir Sicoma Monini Block Devils are enjoying the day after the great comeback at PalaBartona, in a such a magi night. It was an amazing comeback for Sir Sicoma Monini Perugia in CEV Champions League Quarterfinals Game 2 versus Leo Shoes Modena, the italian Derby was great in both two games but in the second on the home turf at PalaBarton was totally for Perugia, who trailed from the 0-3 loss in Game 1, won Game 2 3-0 and annihilated Modena 15-5 in Golden Set. As we said, now Perugia will face in Semifinals the winner of the challenge between Trentino Itas and Berlin Recycling Volleys.

Parziali: 25-23, 25-18, 25-21, 15-5
SIR SICOMA MONINI PERUGIA: Travica, Ter Horst 7, Ricci 10, Solè 5, Leon 24, Plotnytskyi 17, Colaci (libero), Zimmermann, Muzaj 3, Piccinelli. N.e.: Vernon-Evans, Russo, Atanasijevic, Sossenheimer (libero). All. Heynen, vice all Fontana.
LEO SHOES MODENA: Christenson 4, Vettori 14, Stankovic 4, Mazzone 5, Petric 5, Lavia 8, Grebennikov (libero), Karlitzek 2, Porro, Rinaldi 1, Buchegger. N.e.: Bossi, Iannelli (libero), Sanguinetti. All. Giani, vice all. Carotti.
Arbitri: Stefano Cesare – Daniele Rapisarda
LE CIFRE – PERUGIA: 19 b.s., 8 ace, 50% ric. pos., 15% ric. prf., 47% att., 13 muri. MODENA: 16 b.s., 3 ace, 34% ric. pos., 13% ric. prf., 36% att., 4 muri.