Modena Volley President Catia Pedrini answered to a Lega Volley President Massimo Righi interview:

“The majority of the clubs, except Lube, Perugia and probably Piacenza, are in serious financial troubles, for multiple reasons, not all Covid-19 related. Despite the words of President Righi our thought is that the volleyball movement is in a free fall, due the fall of revenues (about 50%) and the increase of the medical expenses (+10%), and now we are in the same situation of april 2020, with a bunch of unknown things, and no program to solve the situation. The only things we know are our dues we have to pay. That’s for sure. Hoping the vaccines campaign will be fine for the start of next upcoming season, and that the arenas will be able to open to the public (things still uncertain), we don’t know how much people evenctually we can bring into our arena, and we don’t know nothing about financial facilities for the clubs, from the government. Some other troubles are mining the situation in the League, the differences among clubs in the categories Superleague, Serie A2 and Serie A3, no one who take a stand for a player involved in a kind of doping scandal, the President assures that everything is ok, in our place is a dangerous path to hit”.

Catia Pedrini