All Titles exchanges approved by Leg

The Board of Directors gave a favorable opinion to the six requests for the sale of titles received by the Serie A Volleyball League for the next season, as well as to the only request for the exchange of the sports title.

Go ahead, therefore, also to the six transferee companies, which will be added to the other clubs already at work in preparing the documents to be presented to the Championships Admission Commission: 54 applications for registration to the 78th Championship are expected, by the deadline of Monday 27 June, the start date of the work for the commission which will end the exam on 5 July.

Here is the list of transferring and assigning Clubs, after the approval of the Board.

SuperLega / A2
Volley Tricolore Reggio Emilia, title exchange with Emma Villas Siena.

A3 Credem Banca series:
From ASD Volleyball Saronno to Diavoli Rosa Brugherio.
From Gis Pallavolo Ottaviano to Roma Volley Club.
From Volleyball Club Mondovì to King Volley Parma.
From ASD Volley Letojanni to Volleyball San Giustino.
From Team Volley Portomaggiore to Volleyball Bologna.
From Volley Parella Torino to Volley Savigliano.