Emma Villas Aubay Siena is officially in Superleague

The statements of the President Emma Villas Giammarco Bisogno:

“This is an important day for our company. The return to the SuperLega is an opportunity for everyone: for our movement, especially fans and sponsors, for the city, for the entire territory of the province of Siena and the Tuscany region that has always supported us. The visibility will be great, the spotlight will be different on us and many will benefit from it. I spend a word of thanks to all those who have contributed to the construction of this project in these ten years, whose work is now even more rewarded. To clarify any misunderstanding: no other club has proposed to be able to access the SuperLeague. If Emma Villas was able to take this step, it is also by virtue of its organizational structure in financial and logistical terms and not least thanks to the presence of a building that allows us to have a minimum of three thousand fans.

Now we have to work to build a competitive team and economically support this path thanks to the help of the many entrepreneurs who have accompanied us over the years, and obviously to the public who will have the task of supporting this beautiful adventure in all senses with the return to the stadium. It will not be easy, we have had a tight deadline to make important decisions and build an adequate roster. It is and will be a very difficult challenge, but as it has always been in the history of Emma Villas, I love adventures and I have full confidence that my company and especially the people who are part of it will be more than up to this other important challenge. ”

“Finally, I am flattered that the Volley Tricolore Reggio Emilia club has indicated us as the only club capable of effectively seizing this opportunity and I thank the Serie A Volleyball League for expressing itself in favor of it.”

The statements by Lega Volley Serie A President Massimo Righi interviewed by the club today:

“Emma Villas Aubay Siena has always been considered among the ideal candidates to participate in the SuperLega championship and in recent times she has been able to gain concrete experience.

Therefore, in the face of the Sienese club’s willingness to transfer the Reggio Emilia title, the will of the Emilian club itself, the agreement between the two clubs and, last but not least, the positive response to the logistical requirements required by the Serie A Volleyball League, we have decided to accept the request for this transfer. We are thrilled to welcome back to Siena recognizing its will, desire for competition, and entrepreneurial courage. “