Andrea Raso extended with Avimecc

A confirmation that was expected for Avimecc Volley Modica is that of Andrea Raso, who had already agreed to sign a two-year deal last season and who has now confirmed his willingness to stay in Modica.

Raso is in his fifth season with the shirt of the Modica club, arrived in Serie B, has lived the passage in A3 and played the three seasons of the company in this series, ready to experience yet another.

His stay was almost obvious and the boy expressed himself precisely in this sense: “Knowing that I could stay in Modica for two years was a source of pride for me. The season we are preparing to live was already in my thoughts since last year. Precisely for this reason I hope that the desire that continues to rise is worth the wait before starting to work again ”.

“This season certainly promises to be challenging, given that every year this category is in continuous development and all the teams try to find the best set-up. Regardless of this, I am happy for the reconfirmation of the staff who will undoubtedly know how to do their job and put us in the right conditions to be competitive to the maximum “.

Finally, he focuses on those who most support the team: “I want to greet our fans who come to support us every year. I am sure that this year we will put on a show, it will be fun! “