Allianz Powervolley Milano official rally

The new season of the Allianz Powervolley Milano has officially started today. The Milanese team met at the Cornaredo Sports Center to start the new job in view of the 2022 – 2023 championship.

Greetings among new companions and ritual medical visits characterized the meeting of the group in reduced ranks. With coach Roberto Piazza still busy with his Netherlands in view of the World Cup as well as scoutman Paolo Perrone with France, the various Ebadipour, Loser, Ishikawa, Patry and Mergarejo are still missing, between commitments with their respective national teams. Thus captain Piano and Pesaresi met today together with the young Porro and the new addition of the caliber of Marco Vitelli, the young people promoted to the first team Bonacchi and Colombo who, under the guidance of the new vice coach Nicola Daldello and the trainer Giovanni Rossi together with the physiotherapist Marco Rampazzo, they started the first official “stomp” of the season.

The goal of these first days of preparation will be to put energy into the muscles and begin, in effect, the new season of the Allianz Powervolley in Milan. A season that promises to be spectacular and competitive, exciting and thrilling in which Allianz Powervolley Milano will try, with all its strength, to raise the bar of the goals to be achieved.