Approaching the start of the championship

Last week to refine the aspects of the game on which we cannot yet be satisfied.
Cezar Douglas: «I appreciate the commitment shown by everyone so far. If I had to give my boys a grade it would be a good seven ».

After the last test on the field last Friday for Tonno Callipo Volley the countdown for the debut in the seventh Serie A2 National Championship of its six decades of sporting history starts today. The one that has just begun will, in fact, be the last week of pre-season preparation in which the Giallorossi coaching staff led by Cezar Douglas will complete the “general rehearsals”, already projecting themselves into the first official match of the season.

With all the players available from the second week of August – with the exception of the young middle blocker Cosimo Balestra who joined the group after finishing his commitments with the Under 20 national team by winning the European title – the Brazilian coach worked with the intent to best stimulate the individual qualities of each player and then find the right fusion in a system organized by technique and attitude.