Approaching the training camp

The countdown has now started: there is less than a week before the start of preparation. In fact, the Da Rold Logistics Belluno meeting is scheduled for Monday 22, at the Spes Arena: at 5.30 pm, a meeting with the media is scheduled, in which the president Sandro Da Rold will reveal the contours and objectives in view of the new year in the Series. A3 Credem Banca.

Then, under the orders of coach Gian Luca Colussi, the group will start training in view of the pre-season commitments. And, above all, of the official debut, scheduled for next 9 October, at the Pala Barbazza in San Donà di Piave, against the hosts of the Volley Team, led by Paolo Tofoli.

The squad of the first team consists of 14 elements. Starting with the setters Filippo Maccabruni (born in 1999) and the young Matteo Galliani (2004), while the former Prata striker, Marco Novello (2002), and Stefano Antonio Guolla (2002) will be the two opposites. At the center, captain Alex Paganin (1993) and Matteo Mozzato (2002) are very confirmed, to which are added the novelties of Alessandro Stufano (2002) and Francesco Guastamacchia (2003). As for the spikers’ battery, it will be enriched by Giovanni Candeago (1994), Alessandro Graziani (1991), Massimo Ostuzzi (1999) and Alberto Saibene (1998), with Gonzalo Martinez (2002) and Tommaso Pierobon (2002) to dress the free cloths.

The season is upon us. And the “rhinos” are pawing.