Approaching training camp

Friday 19 August is the date chosen by New Mater Volley Castellana Grotte to officially kick off the 2022/2023 sports season that will see the Apulian club participate again in the national championship A2 Credem Banca men’s volleyball.

Gathering at the clubhouse, medical examinations and start of preparation scheduled for Monday 22 August, the first official appointments for athletes and technicians who will thus have the opportunity to get to know the yellow-blue managers and medical-health staff.

After the formalization of the block confirmation of the technical staff who will be called to assist coach Jorge Cannestracci in the leadership of the first team (Giuseppe Barbone second, Pino Calisi assistant and Matteo Pastore scout), in the meantime, the confirmations for the medical-health staff have also been made official of the New Mater Volley.

Max D’Elia will still be the athletic trainer, as will Francesco Boggia the osteopath and Andrea Giancaspro the physiotherapist. Giosuè Dell’Area will again be the doctor in charge: 100% confirmed the team of professionals at the service of the team group, a team that has already proved highly qualified and competent in past seasons.