Big introduction for Volley Tricolore

Sunday 7 August 2022, The success of the presentation of the Volley Tricolore sports club at Villa Minozzo.

Third day of retreat and the long-awaited evening took place at Villa Minozzo, to be precise in Piazza della Ghiacciaia where the party organized by Pro Loco Villa Minozzo, the non-profit association that takes care of discovering the Villaminozzo area was held and responsible for the organization of the event entitled Gnocc & Roll, the guaranteed fun for players and fans between dumplings and music waiting to meet the Giallorossi themselves.

Presentation that began with a video to commemorate the Reggio Emilia enterprise of the past season. The images of the most beautiful and meaningful moments scrolled by, the victory of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia Serie A2 and the Serie A Championship. on stage Azzio Santini, the company’s CEO; his words continue welcoming the newcomers who hopefully will make Reggio Emilia dream, and who will always aim to do better and improve.

The time has come to call the Giallorossi squad on stage, 14 faces in fact, but only 13 in retirement this week. In reality, the reason for the pride of this anomaly is the lack of the class 03 power plant Nicolò Volpe not present because he is competing in the European Young Olimpic Festival in Slovakia which will bear his name above number 14 for Reggio Emilia.

The protagonists were then presented and their new jersey numbers announced; let’s start with the number 1 jersey of the setter Filippo Santambrogio, with the number 2 the Pole already in Italy from last season Aleksander Maziarz and with the number 3 Romolo Mariano the spiker from Bergamo. The number 4 shirt is given to the Brazilian Luiz Perotto, the number 5 to the free young Marco Cantagalli, and it is the turn of the vice captain directly from the Super League: Lorenzo Sperotto with the number 6.