Big party for Bottolo

Crowd at the Madeira Brazilian Beach and Food in Civitanova for the presentation of the European champion Mattia Bottolo, the new hitter of Cucine Lube. Fresh from the youth team in Padua and a convincing two-year period in the Padua-based team, the Venetian athlete of the national team answered questions from the press and fans, expressing his satisfaction with the arrival among the Italian champions in the summer market. The red and white president Simona Sileoni, the managing director and vice president Albino Massaccesi and the general manager Beppe Cormio have introduced the first blow to the market.

The market hit will be reached in the evening by other cooks, Simone Anzani and Fabio Balaso for dinner with the supporters in the “Blue Night of the Lube”.

President Simona Sileoni: “We ended the season with a bang and now we are back with Bottolo. We are rejuvenating the team without losing quality and tenacity. These are characteristics that are part of the character of this boy and of the team that won the third consecutive Scudetto. Also in the next season we will compete on all fronts. La Lube always takes the field to fight until the end! ”

CEO and vice president Albino Massaccesi: “Mattia comes from a club with an important youth sector and years ago we even thought about calling him for our second team. We are happy to have a young man like him also because we believe in emerging and Mattia has grown a lot in these two years. Our nursery also came to the fore in the last season, after the first team’s Scudetto came the U15 tricolor.

General Manager Beppe Cormio: “The goal of giving signs of change was almost taken for granted! We reflected after the elimination from the Italian Cup in the quarter-finals because this also prompted us to look for an Italian athlete of value like Mattia. There had already been an attempt in the past to get Lube into orbit. Another sign is the engagement of Mattia Gottardo, last year in Padua with Bottolo. Yant and Garcia will also be protagonists. Mattia will get along well with them and will have time to demonstrate his skills ”.

Hitter Mattia Bottolo: “It’s nice to see so many people, it means that the audience is very warm. I can’t wait to meet the fans at the stadium. I am also excited because it was my first presentation. I want to show my qualities in the shortest time possible and I want to conquer titles with the Lube. Here in Civitanova the word to win is a must, I want to repay the Club’s trust ”.