The fourth confirmation for the 22/23 roster of Volley Savigliano arrives. It will always be a fight to defend the rear and with Paolo Rabbia he will still be there: Daniele Gallo. Class 93, he was born as a striker, noticed by Cuneo with whom he won all the youth championships and participated in the Trophy of the Regions. He plays outside Savigliano for only one season and then is called back into the fold by DS Caula with the proposal to become free for the 19/20 Serie B led by Bonifetto. Daniele accepts, loves to get involved and training after training the reception becomes his flagship until he enters the top 10 of the free throws of the entire A3 series for reception performance last season. This is why Volley Savigliano does not want to let it escape, it is from the reception that the foundations of the whole offensive game can be laid.
He tells us about last season that it did not turn out as he expected, he obviously wanted a different ending, but it was still a productive year because he made people understand what more can be done and made him grow a lot on a personal level. The 22/23 championship would like it different: fight for different positions, mid-high ranking; is always ambitious!
In Savigliano many have excellent successes to tell, even Daniele is no less: three youth championships with Cuneo (Under 16, Under 18, Junior League), obviously the two promotions with Savigliano from Serie C to B and from B to the historic A3 . But laughing he will never forget the great wall made in Brigna (second coach of Savigliano) at a snow volleyball … what a moment !!
Also for him in the career of sportsmen there are always ups and downs which, however, always help to improve.
Daniele’s dreams were to play in Serie A and to participate in a collegiate team with the national team, one achieved and the other not, but he feels very satisfied. Also on a personal level he feels fulfilled because the dream was to have a beautiful family as a young man, Chiara and Mia are the joys of his life.
Finally, with Paolo Rabbia it is not a question of dualism even for Daniele, since the Serie B they have both shown that they can do well and deserve to play. On a personal level, he says that it is stimulating to have an equal quality role, creating the healthy competitive spirit that increases performance. They were both good at taking away satisfactions and giving a piece of history to Volley Savigliano. And the story continues …