Domenico Arlotta with OmiFer Palmi

Domenico Arlotta sarà al fianco di Polimeni nella prossima stagione

Domenico Arlotta will be on the OmiFer Palmi bench alongside Antonio Polimeni. Already a staff member in previous seasons as assistant coach, Arlotta has always been a reference figure for both staff members and athletes.
These are his first seasonal statements:

Domenico, after several seasons as assistant coach this year you will sit on the bench next to Polimeni, what kind of emotions do you feel?
“I am very happy to represent my city on a national level, I thank the club and Mr. Polimeni for trusting me.”

As I said before, for several years you have been a very precious resource in the gym but always far from the spotlight. Do you think the role of second manager will affect your approach to work?
“The last four years I have always been side by side with Mr. Polimeni and Mr. Giglietta, a great friend and a hard-to-replace figure, the working method is tested and successful, I will certainly put my own effort into being able to reach ambitious goals.”

As a palmese DOC which you are, I ask you: what results will the team set up this year achieve?
“This year will be a very demanding season. There are many teams equipped to win, our squad is balanced and we will have to work day by day if we want to reach the goals set. I have always been used to looking inside my home and not. in those of others, therefore: work hard, respect others and not be afraid of anyone. As a palmese DOC I hope to play in my city and have the warmth of our fans always by our side. ”

Arlotta will take the place previously occupied by coach Giglietta who for eleven years has supported Polimeni on the bench.

The club would like to thank him for these years spent together and wish him the best for the new season at the Jolly Cinquefrondi.