Edwin Arguelles Sanchez landed in S.Croce

Edwin Arguelles Sanchez is a new player from Kemas Lamipel S. Croce. Opposite, born in 2003, comes from Vero Volley Monza. Of Italian nationality, 199 cm tall, he is on the roster of coach Battocchio’s Juniores national team and will face the European Championships in September (scheduled in Vasto and Montesilvano). He was called up with the “greats” of Vero Volley at the end of the past championship, in Superlega, and he also took away the great satisfaction of being named “best hitter” at the recent Under 19 national finals held in Alba Adriatica, an event faced with the Milan Volleyball shirt. At the Del Monte Junior League, however, a competition reserved for the Under 20s, he was unable to take the field due to a small resentment: his Vero Volley, led by the coach of the major formation Massimo Eccheli, stopped in seventh place.
“I made the choice of S. Croce for next season by comparing myself with my coaches. Everyone has shown me that the “Wolves” have the conditions to grow and improve, a quality environment both in terms of technical and organizational aspects “.
“Coach Mastrangelo was also portrayed to me as a suitable coach for me, one who likes to focus on young people and who manages to teach and give the right motivations”.
“For me, A2 Credem Banca will be a first time, a whole new experience, I can’t wait to get started. As an individual goal I have to become the best player possible. I do not set myself limits, I would like to reach the levels of the best in the Super League. S. Croce is the right place, I can’t wait to get used to the Pala Parenti and see the fans in the stands “.