Enrico Diamantini is ready

The choice of Cucine Lube Civitanova to keep a complete and expert middle blockers like Enrico Diamantini at the base, despite the abundance of samples in the department, proved to be an appropriate move. Providential given the return to Brazil of Isac Viana Santos, an athlete who did not complete the transfer with the Italian champions due to a back problem that could require a fair amount of time and specific therapies. The presence of Diamantini is even more important.

Enrico Diamantini:

“Staying was a shared choice with the company over the summer! The competition had risen, but I wanted to continue wearing the red and white jersey! The departure of Isac gives even more importance to this decision! I have known him recently, but I am sorry that a potential greater space on the pitch is linked to one of his problems. With Anzani and Chineyeze I will try to be ready and give my best in the middle. In the pre-season, for quite a while, I was the only one available in the department and I worked a lot. Now we have to grow as a group.