Enrico Serniotti and Cuneo Volley part ways

It was February 12, 2018 when the Turin coach, from Cuneo by adoption, climbed for the first time on the biancoblù bench as head coach, accepting the challenge of a men’s Serie B championship with a group of athletes-workers. In these 4 years he has led the team through the troubled waters of the A2 first, witnessing the birth of the A3 then and finally closing with two Serie A2 Finals in the season that ended exactly 30 days ago in Reggio Emilia.

An important path that coach Serniotti, thanks to his great experience, has been able to face and manage alongside the Club, fully keeping faith with the statements given at the press conference of his first inauguration: “I hope to give my contribution, I have noted with pleasure that there is still a strong enthusiasm around the world of volleyball, even after the exit from the major series, the flame has not gone out. Obviously words are not enough, you have to get your hands dirty if you want to get results, and for my part, I’m here to do it in what belongs to me, in the gym alongside the boys “.

The thanks from the Company, the entire management and the collaborators for these years of work side by side and for that ever present thought towards the fans and enthusiasts, which expressed the will of the whole team to never disappoint them: “Roberto has believed in the project and in the will to bring Cuneo back to the stages that matter – underlined Vito Venni, president of the Club – and step by step, everyone’s work has ensured that the biancoblù have arrived to play both the Cup Final Italy in front of a sports hall to the maximum allowed capacity, which the Final Play Off promotion. Furthermore, personal esteem has been transformed over the years into a friendship with Roberto, a helpful and pleasant person even outside the field ».

The square deserves the Super League and to reach it on the pitch, the bar must be raised further in all the fundamentals. The paths between the Club and the coach are divided, but with the hope that we can find each other around Italy or at the sports hall, because that passion never vanishes.