Francesco Corrado in Tuscania

Exceptional market hit for Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania. After three seasons in Superlega and as many in A2, where he also won an Italian Cup, the spiker Francesco Corrado, born in ’97, 196 cm tall, arrives in Tuscania from Lecce.

Corrado’s career begins in Crotone where he was born and currently lives. At 16 he moved to Vibo Valentia where, with the jersey of the prestigious Tonno Callipo he played in all the youth categories up to the Super League.

In Serie A2 he defended the colors of Catania and Lagonegro while last year he was in Lecce, in A3. In the last four seasons, his exponential growth and his qualities as a driving force have placed him at the top of the list of GM Cappelli and coach Passaro for the construction of the 2022/23 squad.

Francesco, why Tuscania?

“Certainly for the project, for the team that had formed and for the coach. Almost at the end of last season Sandro Passaro had already expressed his will to work with me, and for me it was a very, very positive thing. because I consider him to be one of the best in the category, just as I consider the Company to be among the best, which did everything possible to finalize this. I was very pleased to have received messages of esteem from some comrades, this was also important in my choice.


“Obviously it is to win and I think there are all the conditions to do it: we have to get to the bottom of all the competitions that we will have to face. Personally, I am a very sanguine person and, like the rest of the team, I am hungry for victories! “.

Satisfaction also by the General Manager Alessandro Cappelli:

“We have been following Francesco for several years and finally this year we will be able to count on him. He is a player with excellent offensive skills but who, at the same time, guarantees solidity in the second line. Together with Sacripanti – continues Cappelli – I am convinced that they can form one of the best pairs of spikers in the league able to entertain our fans and bring home the results we all want. ”


2022/2023 A3 Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania

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2016 Italian Cup A2