Francesco Cottarelli back in Taranto

Francesco Cottarelli, setter born in 1996 for 196 cm, from Legnago from Veneto, will be Falaschi’s deputy. He is a familiar face in Taranto. He was among the protagonists of the Prisma Super League ride in the year 20-21, in which he alternated with Coscione in directing, totaling 22 appearances.

He had arrived in Taranto after two seasons in Padua and three in Piacenza in the Superlega. After the promotion, Francesco decided to accept the A3 series proposal of the Saturnia Aci Castello where he played diagonally with Lucconi, just the diagonal that will be recomposed in Taranto

Francesco began his career in the Verona youth team and then moved to Isola della Scala in B2, and subsequently began his growth path that led him to tread the most important taraflex in the top division.