Francesco Fusaro with Milano

The team of coach Piazza, in addition to Piano, Loser and Vitelli, will also be able to count on the newcomer, ready to live his experience in the Superlega in the shadow of the Madonnina. Francesco Fusaro, born in Dolo on 05/30/1999, is an athlete with undoubted physical qualities: 200 cm in height for his 23 years are the visiting card for his arrival in progress with the Allianz Powervolley. Name already known in Superlega, in fact, the young talent in the center made his debut at the age of 19 among the ranks of Kioene Padova with which he competed in the top division championship until the 2020/2021 season. The Paduan experience ends to move on to the Romagna one, in fact last season he wore the Consar RCM Ravenna shirt whose colors he defends. The move to Allianz takes place in the middle of the season, moving from HRK Motta di Livenza, a Venetian club that plays in A2. Allianz Powervolley therefore takes advantage of the opportunity to extend the roster with centimeters and quality considering the intensification of the championship commitments and, hopefully, of the Italian Cup.