Gabriele Calitri libero

Gabriele Calitri will take care of the second line of Volley 2001 Garlasco. The Pugliese libero, born in 1996, arrives in Pavia after three seasons in A3 between Aversa and Palmi. Specialist in the category, Calitri has had the opportunity to play the role since the first season of Serie A3 in 2019/2020: “From my point of view in A3 the break phase is fundamental: if a team defends a lot, the opponent is demoralized and is led to make mistakes or give opportunities to close the point ”explains the Libero.

But far from being less of a protagonist than the other teammates, Calitri also finds his own way of challenging the opponent: “I am stimulated more by the defense than by the reception. I love to defend with one block: the attacker is inclined to close the shot a lot and I challenge him by putting my whole body to try to get hit. This is my way of being offensive, because great defenses give the team confidence ”.

In addition to the defense, the focus is also on the search for harmony with the setter: “I believe that dribbling and free are crucial roles – explains the 1996 class – they divide the field in half and if there is quality in the second line, then even the first runs properly. Personally, I like a setter who risks the game and I am more stimulated to find an understanding with this type of player, trying to serve him close to the net in order to make all options credible “.

Looking ahead to next season, expectations remain high, having to keep faith with a squad that promises a lot on paper: “Each year the category seems more and more difficult: the rosters, as players arrive from A2, become more and more competitive. The company did a good job during the transfer market and I am thrilled for this first year in Pavia. It will be a battle every Sunday and we will need the involvement of a full building for an extra charge “concludes the energetic free from Puglia.