Giacomo Leoni hired by Tuscania

Giacomo Leoni will once again direct the Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania version 2022/2023 on the field. After making his debut in A2 with the white and blue jersey in 2014, the strong Genoese setter, born in 1995, then trod the most prestigious national stages, from the Super League (with Padua and Ravenna) to Massa and Alessano in A2 before returning to Tuscania in 2019 in the first year of A3 interrupted by the pandemic. Then Civita Castellana, Pineto and Portomaggiore.
“I think about three years ago when we were second in the standings and we were forced to stop for the covid. It is as if I came back to try to finish something we started some time ago – says Giacomo Leoni. Even if the negotiations have been a bit ‘long and complex, for my part I have always been firmly determined to return and I am really very happy because I know the club very well, its ambitions and its seriousness. Then for Sandro Passaro, a presence that absolutely shifts the balance. It is true that he has never trained me but I know him personally and we have already spoken by phone. He is a person that I respect a lot and who is considered by many to be one of the best around for the category, certainly for Tuscania an added value that is not worthwhile. In my opinion, the team he is building is also of an excellent profile, I know almost all of my future teammates, they are very professional and reliable athletes “.
What are your personal and team goals?
“In the last two years I had an injury in Civita and then last year first in Pineto and then in Portomaggiore I suffered from ankle problems that I have now fortunately solved. I’m definitely aiming for a whole year of high profile. it concerns the team, it is of a good level and has ample room for growth: we will have to do our utmost and we will certainly be able to get some great satisfactions “.
Your relationship with the country and with the fans.
“I arrived here 8 years ago for my first year in Serie A, in the volleyball of the ‘big’, and Tuscania immediately gave me a lot. In that year there, I met many people who really gave me a lot and so it feels a bit like a second home. I was then delighted to return three years ago but unfortunately the covid stopped at its best. I have a wonderful relationship with the country, it’s a fantastic center full of people with lots of people. of passion for this sport. Then we all know the Bolgia very well … I can’t wait to arrive to greet everyone “.