Gioiella Prisma Taranto to the Museum MarTa

Gioiella Prisma Volley accepted the invitation of the municipal administration, in particular of the sports department of the Municipality of Taranto and yesterday morning visited the Taranto museum at the athlete’s tomb.

The whole team and the Gioiella Prisma Presidency participated in the event, and was attended by the First Citizen of Taranto, Mayor Rinaldo Melucci and Sports Councilor Gianni Azzaro.

The guided tour, appreciated by all the athletes who spent a pleasant cultural morning learning different aspects of Taranto’s history, was led by the director of the Museum Eva Degl’Innocenti, who illustrated the entire history of the museum’s archaeological heritage, and in particular way described in a magical cultural tour all the sporting aspects of the then capital of Magna Graecia.

The statements by President Bongiovanni: “It was a beautiful morning here at the Taranto museum, the Gioiella Prisma Volley was the first club in the area to pay homage to the athlete’s tomb, an iconic moment because it combines history and traditions, culture and sport but we first of all we paid homage to ourselves because we love the culture, the tradition of our city and then we paid homage to those who over the centuries created us, who contributed to creating our habits, our modus Vivendi. We are happy that our boys, the athletes have appreciated and admired what the director of the museum has indicated to them and I believe that all Tarantino sport should approach the culture of our city which means emotion, participation, respect ”

The words of the Mayor Rinaldo Melucci: “It is now evident that sport today means economy, geopolitical culture and also emancipation for our community and our territory for some decades of history imposed from an industrial point of view, and through sport we believe we are reconnecting the community at its most authentic roots: the visit to the tomb of the 2500-year-old athlete is certainly a good viaticum for the boys and the Super League starting in October, but above all to convey a sense of belonging to this community and to the history that wear through their jerseys and through them and their results we hope that for Taranto, in addition to a great volleyball season, a season of sport, economy, culture and relaunch will open in short, this combination is very beautiful, we wish good luck to the team for the championship “