Siena and Risorse SPA together

Risorse Spa officially enters the world of volleyball by entering into a partnership with Emma Villas Aubay Siena and will be HR partner (acronym which stands for Human resources) of the biancoblu company. The agency’s logo will also appear on the shorts of the Tuscan club that next season will play in the Superlega championship, the most difficult, beautiful, fascinating and also the most popular in the world. It is therefore a certainly relevant partnership that will be able to give prestige to both the realities involved.

Resources Spa will thus accompany the Sienese team in the championship matches to be played against Lube, Perugia, Trento, Modena and against all the clubs that play in the national volleyball top flight. The partnership is based on common values ​​in the two realities such as the recognition of the importance of teamwork to achieve goals, professional and personal growth, as well as the enhancement of young people and talent. The partnership, as well as sporting, will also extend to the activity of the Emma Villas company and with the network of partner companies.

Founded in 1998 as a job agency and active on the Italian territory with a network of commercial branches, Risorse Spa has as its core business the research and selection and administration of personnel. The agency has always worked on people and with people to ensure that human capital is really a lever for business growth.

The investment in technologies applied to the world of human resources, the constant management of change and talent are the keys that allow Risorse Spa to guide its customers to build valuable relationships with candidates.

Young talents are, today, the reference point in the relationship between supply and demand for work. To identify, attract and enhance them, proactivity, relational skills and innovation are necessary. For this reason, Risorse Spa is fielding multiple initiatives that aim at building a network of talents, who are the protagonists of future organizational contexts.

Sport is a fundamental element of our culture and constitutes a reference for all work sectors. In the world of work, as well as in sport, it is essential to develop a strong team spirit, learning to collaborate with each other. Sport is also a place of great innovation and cutting-edge technology, where the limit is synonymous with the goal.