Good test match versus Taranto for Bcc

The test match goes to the Gioiella Prisma Taranto, which served as a seasonal debut for the new Bcc Castellana Grotte, an Apulian team that is preparing to face the 2022/2023 sports season and the next national championship series A2 Credem Banca of men’s volleyball. At Pala Grotte, in the first of two consecutive joint training sessions, the Ionian team led by the former Di Pinto prevails: 1-3 (22-25, 17-25, 25-21, 21-25) the final result with Castellana who instead, he won the extra fifth set 25-23.

Jukoski setter, Theo Lopes opposite, Di Silvestre and Tiozzo spikers, Zamagni and Presta middle blockers, Marchisio libero were the starters of Bcc Castellana Grotte with coach Jorge Cannestracci who has kept intact the same squad for four of the five partial played. In the final set, instead, space for Longo as setter, Carelli opposite, Cattaneo and Sportelli spikers, Ndrecaj in the middle and De Santis libero.

Satisfied, at the end of the match, coach Cannestracci: “I am fairly satisfied with the values ​​we have put in place in this first outing of the season and also with how we have faced the first three weeks of work. The boys are working hard, having fun and having the right approach during each training session. We are working on the volleyball that we feel best on, the one we believe in. In this first test, despite a lagging physical condition compared to Taranto, we managed to stay attached to the game and also show excellent things. Clearly we have to keep working and the next appointments will tell us how much we will eventually be able to grow. Return to this coaching facility in a match? I must say that the emotions and sensations are beautiful – concluded the Italo-Argentine coach, already a setter in Castellana with Materdomini in 1995/1996 – The season lived here as a player was important, one of the best in my career. I meet people every day who transmit positive feelings and memories to me. This is a square of great competence and attachment, a city that makes you feel all its closeness “.