Good tests for Monge Gerbaudo

Copyright Silvano Carta - Volley Savigliano

The two days of training sessions that saw Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano as protagonist, on the home field of PalaMarenco, took place with a good audience frame.

Saturday was the stage for the triangular themed Serie A3 Credem Banca. In addition to the Saviglianese hosts, exceptionally in yellow, there were in fact the Volleyball Garlasco and the Diavoli Rosa di Brugherio.

To open the dance were the boys of coach Lorenzo Simeon and Garlasco, in an intersection that immediately gave intense rhythms. The first set was the prerogative of the guests, who won with a very tight 23-25. The second set was equally complex, with captain Dutto and teammates good at winning the advantages, 26-24. The last set, also spiced with some moments of tension in the final moments, confirming the high level of competition on the pitch, is the prerogative of the Lombards, once again 23-25. MVP and top scorer Marco Spagnol from Savigliano, scoring 19 points in three sets.

At the last intersection, held at the end of the day, in the Monge-Gerbaudo field, Savigliano and Brugherio. Balance still conditions the match, with the first set snatched from the guests only for the advantages, 28-26. Negative start in the second set for the Saviglianesi, immediately below 6-2. A gap that Simeon’s guys are no longer able to fill and that takes on even clearer features, before the final reaction that allows you to close with a less significant deficit: 25-21. The reaction of pride materializes, however, in the third fraction, with the Saviglianesi running away on +8, 12-4. After a slight misting in the middle of the set, which coach Simeon remedies with a time-out, the hosts no longer let themselves be caught and closed on Saturday with an excellent 25-19.

There was no lack of excitement also in the Sunday test that saw Monge-Gerbaudo Savigliano engaged against Acqui Terme, a team that will take part with high-ranking ambitions in the Serie B 2022/23 championship. The signals seen on the pitch were interesting, with the first two sets very hard fought: 26-24 for the biancoblu in the first, 28-26 for the guests in the second, also dragged by the presence on the field of the expert former national Matteo Martino. Without history, however, the third set, with Simeon’s boys who beat 25-18, claiming the advantage category. Finally, the day ends with the success of the Alexandrians (again 26-28), in the fourth and last set, also conditioned by a pinch of fatigue on the pitch, after two intense days.