Last two test matches

The two weeks approaching the start of the championship will still be important for the Cave del Sole in terms of friendly tests. In fact, both Wednesday and Saturday there will be two matches for coach Barbiero and his team. Tomorrow the away match will be in Vibo against the team that is among the favorites of the Serie A2 championship. After the first leg played at Villa D’Agri, now for the Cave del Sole it is time to go to Vibo and test the opponent who will be the first of the regular season. It will be important for Lecat and his team to understand the game mechanics and understandings in view of the first season. After the trip to Vibo there will be the last joint training against the Marcianise team that plays in A3. The training will take place on Saturday 1 October in the Palasport of Villa d’Agri and on that occasion it will also be possible to purchase the season ticket for the 22-23 season of the Lucanian team. For Sunday 2 October instead closed with the comparisons, it will be time for the Cave del Sole to present itself to the public. The presentation of the team and staff is scheduled for Sunday 2 October at 5.00 pm in Piazza Zecchettin in Villa D’Agri.