Another prominent renewal at ABBA Pineto Volley. Ludovico Giuliani will again lead the white-blue defense line in the next championship. Arrived last season, after his experience in the Superlega in Ravenna, the free from San Severino Marche, son of the well-known coach Alberto, will lead the receiving line also in the next championship under the guidance of coach Giacomo Tomasello. Born in 1998, he already boasts three seasons in A1 and two in A3 behind him. Giuliani wore the jackets of Piacenza, Verona and Ravenna. To these is added in the 2019/20 season in the A3 series in Corigliano. In total he played 140 games in the three most important Italian volleyball leagues. If that were not enough, its remarkable flexibility is added to all this. In fact, since the first Serie D championship in his San Severino Marche, the free player changes his skin chameleonically and can play the role of spiker by necessity, as happened in the Macerata match in the last white and blue championship.