Massa pretty cool with transfer market

Francesco Donati

Closing the market with a bang for ShedirPharma Folgore Massa, with the ds Fabrizio Ruggiero who on the gong managed to give the green-and-white square an element of extraordinary quality. The new Minister of Defense comes directly from the Super League. Juliet’s house in the heart, in a literary embrace that unites Shakespeare and Torquato Tasso for a cultural rainbow that embraces the entire beautiful country from north to south.
After all the rigmarole in the youth sector and 81 chips in the first team, a young 2001 who grew up in the myth of Grebennikov arrives to take the second line. From Verona, to the sound of rescues and defenses, the free Francesco Donati arrives!

The whole volleyball career took place in your Verona: from the youth sector, up to being an integral part of the first team in Superlega. What convinced you to choose the Folgore for your first experience away from home?

“It was very easy. The sports director Ruggiero and mister Esposito immediately sought me out, with insistence and conviction, making me feel an important part of their project. The set up roster is very well equipped, allowing us to play with any opponent. In addition, I wanted to combine volleyball with a new life path: they described the Sorrentine Peninsula to me as a paradise, and it could only be the most suitable place for my first adventure in the South “.

Very young, but already with many appearances, particularly in the break phase. What are your strengths, and how important has Stoytchev been for your growth?

“My strong point is defense. I am improving in the reception phase, and I aim to make further progress in this fundamental now that I am preparing to face my first year as a starter. Stoytchev and his second Dario Simoni followed me a lot: they were important for my growth, and it is no coincidence that the palmares speak for them ”.