Matteo Ruffo with Tuscania

With the arrival of Matteo Ruffo, from Molise, born in 1999, Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania strengthens the middle blockers department approaching the next season of Serie A3 Credem Banca.
Born in Campobasso but Venetian by adoption, the region where his parents moved for work reasons, Matteo Ruffo, who boasts 193 cm in height, took his first volleyball steps in the Adriatic and then moved on, following a merger, at Delta Porto Viro in Serie B where he stayed for two years before moving to the Quattro Torri Ferrara for another two, still in the same category. Last season he played in La Spezia, again in Serie B, in the ranks of Zephyr Trading where he became a protagonist enough to attract the attention of the Tuscan executives.
Why the decision to move to Tuscia?
“I jumped at the ball when the opportunity to play for Tuscania presented itself, especially after learning about next season’s goals and the presence of coach Passaro, whom I don’t know personally but who has been talked about very well to me.” .
Are you not afraid of the category jump?
“I am happy with this opportunity and the leap in the category, it will be an opportunity to test myself again and I will certainly give my best for the team.”
To get to know yourself better, what do you do away from the gym?
“My greatest passion is sport and I have linked this passion to studying as I am close to graduating in Motor Sciences at the University of Ferrara”.