Mattia Boninfante annouced

Last year, these days, the announcement of Mattia Boninfante was also welcomed by several insiders as a gamble. Young and talented, but will he be able to hold and manage a Serie A team? Mattia with his talent, but above all with a mental strength and an enviable ability to work for a seventeen-year-old, has denied the gloomy omens and demonstrated with facts, not only that he can perfectly run an A3 Series team, but also to be able to aspire to major stages. And, in this sense, there were also offers from prestigious clubs. Tralaltra Bonny was the most prolific setter of all those who took to the field between Superlega, A2 and A3, scoring 103 points, the result of 38 aces, 29 attacks and 36 blocks. An additional baggage in addition to having made the team run with intelligence and precision.