Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano approaching the training camp

The summer preparation of Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano will begin on August 18, in view of the official start of the Serie A3 2022/23 White Group, the second championship in the history of biancoblu in this category.

The renewed Saviglianese roster will meet under the orders of coach Lorenzo Simeon on the Thursday after Ferragosto, to begin an intense training period that will continue until the debut in the championship, scheduled for Sunday 9 October on the Brugherio field.

The eight weeks of preparation will be interspersed with joint training with other clubs, useful for testing the game mechanisms and putting oneself to the test in the presence of opponents of equal value.

Among the key dates, the two Saturdays of joint training sessions stand out: 10 September with Garlasco and Diavoli Rosa and 24 September again with Garlasco and PVL. On the weekend of 10-11 September the people of Savigliano will also carry out the usual two-day retreat, as part of the double commitment indicated above.