Moyashi Garlasco in next season

The first teams of Volleyball 2001 Garlasco presented last night, during the patronal feast of the city: on the stage the B1 female, A3 male series and the boys of the First Category of the F.C. Garlasco 1976, a club of which, during the summer, Silvia Strigazzi took over the presidency.

In the presence of the Mayor Simone Molinari and the Councilor for Sport Francesco Santagostino, the club presented to the city the faces that will bear the name of Garlasco and Moyashi, a leading company in the production of soybeans, around Italy during the season 2022/23.

The words of President Strigazzi: “Sport is health, it is education and it makes us grow together. I will continue to work hard to be able to bring any young person from our city and neighboring territories to practice volleyball, for us synonymous with passion. With the first teams on a national level and in particular an A3 series, which has been confirmed in the category, we are an important showcase at national level for our territory “.

On this occasion, the partnership closed by General Manager Italo Vullo was made official, bringing the first Title Sponsor of its twenty-year history to Garlasco. Moyashi Sprouts of Soy invests in the sports project of the company and does so in a big way, giving its name to the A3 series, which becomes Moyashi Garlasco. Paola Adami and Fulvio Vaccarone carry on the company founded on values ​​of dedication to work, attention to the territory and social impact. Moyashi, for 40 years engaged in the food industry with an eye to the food of the future, becomes the first supporter of Volley 2001 Garlasco, marrying the vision of Strigazzi who wants to bring more and more young people closer to sport to promote integration, well-being and education.