No way for Parma versus Garlasco

WiMORE Parma surrenders 0-4 (24-26, 22-25, 19-25, 23-25) at Moyashi Garlasco within the friendly match of the Oltretorrente gym in Parma in the third joint training session of the preseason phase.

The game was played on Wednesday evening, with less than a month, October 9, to the inaugural challenge of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship at PalaRaschi. Without Cuda and Cereda, who remained at rest as a precaution, coach Andrea Codeluppi ranks Chakravorti in the direction, the former Beltrami on the opposite side, Rossatti and Reyes in the band, captain Sesto and Fall in the center and the young Zecca in the role of free then, in order , also find space Ferraguti and Colangelo, who took over in the final of the first set, Bussolari, Daniel Codeluppi and Chirila, all on the field in the fourth and last set substantially balanced like the initial, in which Parma suffered a fatal break in the key moment and raises the flag white to the extras (24-26). On the other hand, the reaction of character in the second is remarkable, when the Gialloblù cancel eight set balls before losing with their heads held high (22-25) not without some recriminations. Top scorer of the match was the Italian-Cuban spiker Alex Reyes, who scored sixteen points with 74% in attack.

WiMORE Parma-Moyashi Garlasco 0-4 (24-26, 22-25, 19-25, 23-25)

WiMORE PARMA: Chakravorti, Beltrami 12, Rossatti 7, Reyes 16, Sesto 2, Fall 9, Zecca (L), Ferraguti 9, Colangelo 1, Bussolari 1, D. Codeluppi 1, Chirila 1. N.e. Cuda, Cereda (L). Herdsman: A. Codeluppi-Borghi

MOYASHI GARLASCO: Bellucci 2, Giannotti 14, Baciocco 16, Agostini 14, Romagnoli 3, Giampietri 4, Calitri (L), Pecoraro 3, Peric 11, Caianello 7, Minelli 1, Accorsi. Neither. Clean. Coach: Bertini-Moro