Osniel Melgarejo is ready

25 years to go and a great passion for volleyball: this is Osniel Melgarejo, the first new face of the Allianz Powervolley 2022-2023 purchase campaign. Fresh from the end of the Ligue A championship with Chaumont VB 52, the Cuban athlete clearly and decisively expresses his thoughts and the next goals to be pursued with the Milan shirt.

“The sensations are the best I can have. – says the hitter -. This is the best championship in the world. Every volleyball player wants to go from there, to do what is a unique experience in a sports career. Getting there is a goal that every player sets himself. I have already played in Argentina and France, with great success, a great experience. Now my expectations for my first year in Italy and for the championship are the best ». First experience in Italy for the Caribbean hammer who, in the French championship and beyond, showed his qualities and his enormous potential by qualifying as one of the best hitter of the tournament. Now the adventure that is about to begin in the Super League further fuels the ambition of Melgarejo who proves that he has clear ideas about what he wants to demonstrate with Milan. “The goal is to land in the most important club of the championship in Italy, and continue to advance in your career, go towards the internal goals of the club, the cups, the various events and, if possible, get to the podium, of course. With my agent it was concluded that the goal is Milan. I love the club, the people there, the team for next season, the city, everything is essential so that I can do my part, work hard, be satisfied with this club, continue to grow in sport and professionally. I really like being hired in Italy ». Passion, enthusiasm and ambition exude from / in Melgarejo’s words: «Inside the pitch, you will see the best of me, right up to the end by putting your heart into it. Off the pitch, friendship. I will work together in everything I can to achieve the team’s goals. Work is the first thing, always. I am very professional.