Roma Volley back to Serie A

Rome is back in Serie A with a team of the territory, of its people, of that social fabric that rhymes with high-level sports. The Capital is back with one of its daughters, the men’s Roma Volleyball, without forgetting the female sister who plays in the A2 series championship and wants to aim again for the top category.

President Antonello Barani has always carried forward the motto, “This is a Serie A for everyone, for Roma, for the city project. This team is not and will not be mine, but of a whole movement, it belongs to all volleyball lovers ”. Thus, after only a year spent in Serie B, the company is ready to take back that place left in 2020, relaunching its ambitions and bringing the name of Rome back to the elite of national volleyball. “We are back in the place we deserve – affirms Barani himself -, we are ready to start again, but we want to return to play in our city, in front of our people. Institutions are close to us and we have many projects in the pipeline, from sporting ones with Volley Lab to Roma Sport Network, to social ones. We want to do something different with a team that reflects the Roman spirit, in fact they are almost all guys who come from the capital. We are ready and motivated for this new adventure, thanks to SMI, to the sponsors, to Roma Capitale, to Fipav, to PalaFonte which has hosted us since last year “.

THE TEAM Mauro Budani is back on the bench, after the excellent season of Fabio Cristini (the team only surrendered in Game 2 of the playoff final), an expert technician who knows reality very well and who made history of this team. “I’m very happy with the team – says“ Bud ”-, a nice mix of experience and youth, they are all guys I know very well. I don’t know where we will arrive, there are some more competitive teams on paper, but we will sell our skin dearly and we want to be protagonists in a championship that has increased in level over the last few seasons ”.

In the roster there are several new faces such as the high-level hitter Mattia Rosso with an important past in the Super League, A2 and national team. In the control room Manuel Alfieri from Pescara, a beach volleyball player with an important experience between Serie A2 and Serie A3. And then the new free Francesco Recupito, last year in Sabaudia. All without forgetting other arrivals, all from Roma, from Davide Acconci to Matteo Barone, from Simone and Alessandro Cicchinelli to Manfredi Mercanti, passing through Matteo Cieslak.