Samuele Lazzaro with the staff

Motta has always been committed to helping young people grow. We have constantly seen him with the athletes on the pitch, this year he will confirm it even in the “behind the scenes”. Samuele Lazzaro, born in 2001 and raised in the Biancoverdi youth teams, will undertake the role of assistant scoutman. He will be able to learn the tricks of the trade from Maria Ilaria Donadi (assistant coach and scoutman) who will teach him “to grow up”.

Motta volleyball has always been a great passion of his, so much so that in the last two seasons he has made an important contribution in the communication area and is now ready for this new path.
We met him and asked him something more about his new green-and-white adventure.

Here’s what he told us:

“For me it will be an honor to take the legacy of Skalpo (Andrea Scalco ex scoutman ed) and when he was proposed to me I was a bit incredulous because for me it is the first time as a scoutman in Serie A. Now thanks to Maria Ilaria I will be able to learn to use the League program to be able to collect the statistics of the players at 360 degrees. I can’t wait”

What adventure do you expect for this upcoming season?

“It will be an intriguing adventure because I will be able to increase my personal baggage in this area with volleyball of the highest level. I think it will be a bit like riding a bicycle: at first it won’t be easy but then it will become completely natural. ”

In recent years you have tried your hand in the role of scoutman in the minor leagues. Tell us a little more about this role

“The scoutman has to be meticulous and precise. You cannot miss a second of the game in progress, moreover you need a lot of calm and patience because working on the computer with lots of codes to be entered in real time is not something that everyone can do, it takes a very analytical eye for the game in progress. What I will do is bring all my experience, accumulated over the past years, in order to be as professional as possible with the scouts. “