Santa Croce on road toward Lagonegro

In the wake of the four consecutive victories and the third place in the standings, Kemas Lamipel heads towards Marsicotevere, in the Potenza area, Palasport Villa d’Agri, to cross arms with the Cave del Sole Lagonegro. A midweek round that was not very happy, from a logistical point of view, just as Grottazzolina played on Wednesday was not. Once again Mastrangelo’s boys will have little time to catch their breath, given that Reggio Emilia will land at the Pala Parenti on Sunday afternoon, for a very tough match with a thousand implications for both the coach and the libero Davide Morgese. Returning to Lagonegro, it is a formation that has won only 2 of the 10 games played and is stationed in the penultimate place in the standings, with 9 points, compared to the 18 won by the red and white. For the Lucanians it is a match to be won, but the Wolves have the continuity of performances of the last month on their side, in addition to the serenity brought by the “calm leader”, as Mastrangelo renamed him, namely Manuel Coscione. The enthusiasm of the fans restarted, with Motta the Pala Parenti had a good glance and the Curva got busy. Thursday’s Lagonegro is an away match that everyone, apart from very few, will follow on Volleyball TV in streaming, but it is clear that a victory would lead to great anticipation and a very “hot” climate, in a good way, for Sunday’s super challenge with Reggio Emilia.