Settembrini with Gioiella Prisma Taranto

The Gioiella Prisma Taranto confirms for the third consecutive year the collaboration in the medical staff with the nutritionist dr. Francesco Settembrini, from Taranto doc, owner of the “Settembrini” Pharmacy in Taranto, which plays a leading role in the well-being, care and health of athletes and sportsmen in general.

Doctor Francesco Settembrini, nutritionist pharmacist, has a master’s degree in physiology of nutrition and sport and is a consultant for various athletes and sports teams in the area.

The Settembrini Pharmacy, a well-established reality in the Taranto area for several years, offers precise advice not only in the pharmaceutical field but also through a series of services aimed at improving the quality of life.

It allows you to carry out specific tests aimed at the sports performance of athletes. And we will start from this exam, called Bia, which will allow us to establish the athlete’s needs upon arrival in Taranto.