Edoardo Di Meo extended with Aversa

A child of the city of Aversa still with the colors of the Wow Green House Aversa. The adventure with Edoardo Di Meo’s Norman also starts again for the 2022-23 season, a free young man who made the whole process in the youth sector of the company before arriving, already in December 2020, in the first team group, carving out the right space in Serie A3, making himself appreciated not only for his technical skills but also and above all for his human ones.

After about a year and a half of ‘experience’ on taraflex around Italy he can’t wait to meet the new coach Paolo Falabella and the teammates with whom he will share a new ride, with the hope that it will be a winner: ” really curious to approach the working methods of coach Falabella, a great coach who I am sure will give a lot of satisfaction to our city. And then this year I think the club has built a very strong roster, probably with a little more than last season. I will train with a freeman, Nicola Fortunato, from whom I will try to conquer some secrets of the trade in order to learn more and more and increase my experience. Then I want to see the Bulgarian spiker Lyutskanov at work, with his national team he did not disfigure against Serie A1 champions, and I think he can really entertain all of us and the fans who will follow us. ”

Edoardo Di Meo is preparing for the new season but clearly does not forget that at the moment the priority is the university. While he looks to the volleyball future he continues to take exams for a personal goal but also and above all to have a further job outlet for the next few years. Di Meo is a young man who, however, already has clear ideas and underlines that “the disappointment of the lack of promotion to A2 is still alive. It is true that personally I have grown a lot, after a half year of great volleyball in A3 I can say without a doubt that I have learned a lot but now we need one more step. I would like to be a protagonist, giving my contribution when coach Falabella deems it right, to bring the team of my city to A2, where I believe it is a duty that a city like ours and above all a supporter that is among the best in all of Italy. Italy”.